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Time Travel Journeys:
Case Study


Mike Iskandar was one of the first clients that I connected with through Upwork when I joined the freelancing platform in the fall of 2021. I was intrigued by his TEDx Talk and his mission to empower middle schools students through a social emotional learning program centered around the idea of time travel. 


While Mike had a solid idea for curriculum development, he was struggling to get a grasp on the best way to represent himself and his brand visually. We worked together to bring his single page website to life with carefully thought out colors, typography and visuals all while keeping the central themes of his curriculum in mind. 

A Great Fit

At the time we connected I was struggling with some guilt over my decision to leave the teaching profession for a career that would be far more... solitary. I knew that I wanted to make sure that I was still able to reach and empower kids through my design career and working with Mike has allowed me to do just that. 

Mike at TEDx NC State
Mike Iskandar

Logo Redesign Proposal

After spending all this time with Mike's content I couldn't help imagine a logo mark that communicated what I felt his program was really all about: human connection. In the curriculum, participants are guided through a journey of self discovery centering around past reflections and future visioning. 

I thought the logo mark could work just as well if it focused on human connection rather than go at Time Travel from a literal approach. I know the primary job of a logo is to be memorable, and I think his current one certainly accomplishes that. And the lightning bolts make it especially exciting for kids. 

But what can I say, I'm a sap and I think hugs are great. So here is what I came up with through my own interpretation of what makes Time Travel Journeys so great.