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Rainbow Labs Case Study


When I read Rainbow Labs' proposed logo design project on I knew I had to learn more. I was excited for the opportunity to create something that would be meaningful for teenagers and would be a way for me to feel connected to the demographic I spent most of my twenties trying to empower through teaching and coaching. 

Initial Objectives

Rainbow Labs was looking for a designer to create a logo for their summer program: One Bold Summer. They wanted a logo that expressed pride in the LGBTQ+ community they served but wouldn't out any of their community members to the general public. I was up for the challenge and eventually designed the sunglasses logo with the rainbow reflected in the lenses. 

Ongoing Relationship

Since our first project together in May of 2021, I have kept in touch with Rainbow Labs and eventually transitioned to paid graphic design work which has been extremely fulfilling. I fully believe in their mission and find it exhilarating to be able to contribute to it from 3,000 miles away.

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