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Mainspring Wellness Co-op
Case Study

Visual Design Program

General Assembly Boston

March 16, 2021 - May 6, 2021

Project Prompt

Create a marketing-focused landing page for a company of my choosing. Create a slide deck and present landing page and design process to instructors and classmates during the final class. 


Adobe XD

The Noun Project

Google Fonts

Visual Design


At the beginning of this course, I had babies on the brain. After a year and a half of staying at home with my daughter Everly, it was hard to think of anything outside of pregnancy, motherhood, and the communities that we were missing out on due to the pandemic. So instead of choosing one of the four prompts laid out by General Assembly, I chose to completely customize my project starting with the business idea. 

I decided to invent the business that I wish had existed during my pregnancy, a sort of one-stop shop where pregnant women and new mothers could go to seek support, guidance, and community during the tremendous transitions they were going through. Pulling from my own experiences, I imagined a place where women could begin friendships in the waiting room and continue them in yoga classes, birth classes, and later on playgroups. Thus, Mainspring Wellness Co-op was born.


The quest for the perfect hero image was a long one. But when I found this beauty on Unsplash, it made all of the rest of the visual design come togther!

Competitive & Comparative Analysis

I initially looked at two local businesses that provided some of the services that would be offered at Mainspring Wellness Co-op as well as two businesses that I imagined my target market would also shop at. 


Conclusions from research

  • Color palette and photography should be consistent with the desired feelings and experiences of clients: calming, relaxing, and healing

  • Organization of the website should feel intuitive, one less thing for new mothers to stress about. Basing the layout on pregnancy timeline ended up feeling most natural to me. 

  • All of the services offered should appear on the landing page, but descriptions and variations can be on a subpage. 

  • Typography should be legible but feminine and quiet but assertive 

Color, Typography & Mood


Lessons Learned

  • Critical feedback is the opposite of a setback: it's the fuel to move forward. 

  • Visual design offers the perfect amount of structure and space for me to get into a creative flow and lose track of hours of my life 

  • My passion and excitement about this project came across in my presentation and elicited extremely positive responses from my classmates and instructors.

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